French Film (2009)

“Jackie Oudney’s immensely likeable debut feature brings together the best elements of Richard Curtis’s London movies and Nora Ephron’s romantic comedies, with a strong whiff of Woody Allen. It might well have been called ‘Sleepless in Barnsbury’. Victoria Hamilton (magazine editor) and Hugh Bonneville (freelance writer) play a London professional couple who are seeing a French ‘couple counsellor’ as their 10-year relationship collapses.
Meanwhile, the relationship of their best friends, Douglas Henshall and Anne-Marie Duff, is also in crisis.

The roots and solutions to their problems reside in the films of suave French expert on love, movie director Thierry Grimandi (delightful performance by Eric Cantona), on whom Bonneville is writing a feature. The film is clever, funny and emotionally truthful and the parodies of Grimandi’s films are deadly accurate.”

Philip French, The Observer

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